Please, Open Carriers, Stop “Defending My Rights”

Reblogging this because it’s brilliant, and pretty much exactly how I feel about gun rights and stuff. I don’t even really know how to use a gun, but I do hope to someday learn, and I would even consider getting one eventually. All of that for my own personal protection. You never know, nowadays, when you will need to know how to use a gun, even if it’s not your own. Situations involving guns are all around us everyday, and it’s better to have the knowledge than to not, I think. Anyway, this blog post is just brilliant, so I’m sharing. So read it. And stuff.


I’m not sure what’s going on with the gun rights movement lately. We faced a serious threat after Newtown, but at the grass roots level, America showed that it does not want more gun control. Most major gun control efforts failed miserably. Gun sales have soared. More and more good, decent citizens are getting concealed carry permits. The public is slowly learning that despite the incessant media focus on guns, actual gun crimes have plummeted. A few prominent liberals like Anthony Bourdain have tried to convince other liberals to stop demonizing gun owners. By most measures, we on the pro-2nd Amendment side have won.

But then open carriers go and screw things up.

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At last count several large corporations including Starbucks, Sonic, Chipotle and now Target have at least asked OCers to stop open carrying at their businesses. I’d guess they did this because OCers were driving…

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